Revolutionizing Decentralized Supercomputing for the Future

With traditional Web2 solutions faltering in providing adequate protection against current attacks, Web3Storage's Confidential Computing services emerge as the foremost solution for safeguarding data across all fronts.

Our Solution

Web3 Storage is a decentralized storage and content delivery network infrastructure driven by blockchain technology. Builders are able to create and implement DApps, while users and producers utilize the platform for on-chain data sharing.

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By utilizing the latest technologies like IPFS, Docker, and Smart Contracts, we can ensure that your information is protected and that the blockchain is used to maintain transparency.

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Al is upending the status quo, making your private information and intellectual property more valuable than before. Your choice of who and how to share your data is guaranteed by our ecosystem.

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The decentralized structure of Web3 Storage assures the integrity of your data and does away with the need for an intermediary. This enables us to offer the most dependable and reasonably priced solution.

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Web3 Storage Infrastructure's decentralization allows us to minimize downtime and, most importantly, provide you with constant availability in the market.

How Our Ecosystem Works

We build the ecosystem to deliver Web 3.0 compatible confidential computing to people, simplifying their way to uncompromised data processing projects in all fields of human activity.

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W3S Ecosystem

Web3 Storage offers a range of services and applications that cater to various needs within the decentralized storage landscape

The Web3 Storage Flagship Products

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W3S Staking

W3S offers participants the opportunity to contribute to the security and functionality of the Web3Storage network while earning rewards in return. Through staking W3S tokens, users actively participate in network governance and consensus mechanisms, helping to validate transactions and secure the ecosystem.

By staking W3S tokens, users actively participate in the decentralized governance and consensus mechanisms of the network.


For DAO participants


The W3S DAO enables community decision-making on protocol upgrades, funding, and strategic directions.


Through staking, the W3S DAO ensures transaction validation and network security.


The W3S DAO fosters community collaboration and feedback for ecosystem growth.

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For Validators

W3S validators are pivotal members of the Web3Storage network, responsible for validating transactions, maintaining network integrity, and participating in the consensus mechanism. Validators stake W3S tokens as collateral, demonstrating commitment to the network and earning rewards for their contributions.

W3S Token

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The W3S token serves as the backbone of the Web3Storage ecosystem, enabling seamless transactions, governance participation, and incentivization within the network.


Phase I


Whitepaper creation

Website launch

Expand community

Product development

Phase II

Contract SAFU & audited

KYC verification

ICO on pinksale

DEX listing

CMC & CG listing

CEX listing

Phase III

Launch Protocol


W3S Airdrops

Tier 1 CEX Listing

Build Web3 Security

Improve Dapp UI/UX

Release Whitepaper v2

Empowering Data, Empowering You: W3S, Your Decentralized Storage Solution

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